How to Lose 10 Pounds Fast With Exercise

Today I want to show you how to lose 10 pounds fast with exercise.  Before we go any further, I just want you to know this doesn’t mean you can lose 10 pounds in 10 days.  But if you follow through on the suggestions I am about to give, you will lose weight pretty quick.

The major problem people have when trying to lose weight is focusing in on too many exercises at once.  Or they don’t concentrate on the right exercises that will enable them to lose weight fast.

So, keep reading if you would like to get better results from your exercise.

How To Lose 10 Pounds Fast With Exercise

Sprints or stair running

These two exercises are my top two suggestions for dropping pounds fast.  At first, neither of these exercises may sound like fun.  But I think you’ll warm up to them once you start seeing fast results.

You only need to do these exercises a few times a week for them to be effective.  So, if you really want to lose weight in a hurry, I’d highly recommend that you give these two exercises a try.  Once you do, you’ll see they are not that difficult. 

Your workouts only need to last 10-15 minutes.

So, if you have access to stairs, all you need to do is run up the stairs and walk back down.  Do this twice before resting for 50 seconds.  Then run up and down the stairs again.  Keep doing this for 10-15 minutes total.

Sprints work the much the same way.  But what you want to do here is sprint for 10 seconds and then walk for about a minute.  Keep repeating this cycle for 10-15 minutes.

Whether you run stairs or do sprints, you only have to do these workouts 3 times every week.  So, this way, you can drop whatever exercise you are doing now that isn’t producing results and concentrate on these two.

That’s a very effective way to lose 10 pounds fast with exercise.

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Natural Health – 5 Tips For Comfy Airplane Travel

Did you ever notice when you fly somewhere how much you value that little bit of space you have around you? Whether you’re on the plane, in the airport, or on the shuttle going to your hotel – those few inches surrounding you, and the bags in your hands, are all you’ve got for several hours – and they’re like gold.

I never really felt like I was “territorial”, but when it comes to air travel I notice that I am. I think it’s because I’m so sensitive to people’s energy and the environment, and I need to protect my space. I remember one flight I was on with this rather large man who was sitting behind me and over one seat. He was very stinky and he had fallen asleep with his mouth wide open.

His snorting exhalations kept blowing my way and he had the worst breath. I was pretty grossed out. (I would have been better off sitting next to him than in front of him). I remember being so grateful for the little tissue I placed up my sleeve on which I had dowsed one of my favorite essential oil blends (RC).

I had that tissue under my nose the whole flight. When we travel we can’t control our environment or avoid our surroundings, but we can adjust ourselves. We can also prepare to have the optimal experience given the conditions. (oh gosh ~ I just remembered this other flight where I sat right next to the bathroom…the horrible smell came from the disinfecting chemicals that were used – yuck! there too I used my oils – on me!)

Surroundings aren’t the only potential problem.

The condition of our body has a lot to do with how we feel during our flight and whether or not we will experience jet lag. Even if our bodies are in good shape and we’re feeling fine, jet lag can sneak up on us when we get to our destinations. Along with these travel tips there also are natural remedies for jet lag.

Here ya go…Five Tips that can make your airplane travel comfy:

1 – Before you travel and during, avoid alcohol and anything that dehydrates your body

2 – Eat heavy the day before travel and light the day of travel and hydrate yourself really well

3 – Sit in sun on plane if you can

4 – Exercise on the plane (contract and relax muscles, and stretch)

5 – Use essential oils to de-germ your environment, clean your air, protect you, and to keep you from being affected by offensive smells.

Edgar Cayce Jet Lag Remedy:

–Fill a bathtub with warm water and add the epsom salts and sodium bicarbonate I had brought with me.
–Soak for 20 minutes
–Don’t cross arms or legs over body (it’s an energetic thing)

Marilee’s Jet Lag Self-Care Solution (works great!):

–Lavender bath

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Exercising is Best Way to Lose Stomach Fat

The mistake that most people commit when they are trying to lose stomach fat is that they target their efforts only on their midriff. This is definitely not the right way to go about it. A lot about this has been spoken already, but there is no harm in repeating it – if you are trying to remove your belly fat, you have to actually direct your efforts for the whole body. That is the reason why the popularly used methods such as abs crunches and sit-ups do not work much. These exercises target only the abs. They might have an effect in toning the abs but that cannot be permanent, because as soon as your abs are toned, the fat present in other regions of the body is liable to enter the stomach area. That makes you keep repeating the process. What you think is that the belly fat hasn’t gone anywhere, when the fact is that the belly fat has gone, but has been replaced by the fat that was accumulated in other parts of the body.

The best way to lose stomach fat is still exercising, but you have to make sure that these exercises are targeted at overall fat burning and not just the abs. In that context, aerobic exercises such as jogging, swimming, cycling, etc. work the best. When you participate in these exercises, you are allowing practically every muscle of your body to work and hence the fat burning happens at an accelerated pace. The fat is burning from all over, and this is what real weight loss must entail.

At the same time, there’s another great benefit. These exercises increase your stamina, which means you are able to do more physical work. Now it does not require a genius to understand that the more physical work you do, the more fat you will burn. So what you are setting up in your body is a overall ‘good health’ cycle, which will go a really long way in keeping you healthy.

Also, the contribution of diet must not be ignored. You have to cut down on the foods that you eat and eat only healthy foods in small portions, at least initially when you want the body to break its routine of ‘bad metabolism’ and get into ‘good metabolism’. When, after a couple of months, you observe that your body has healthily started burning the fats, you could gradually bring back some richer foods into your diet.

The best way to lose stomach fat is not what most people think – it does not revolve around the stomach. On the contrary, it targets the entire body. Your stomach is not separated from your body. Take care of your body as a whole and all its parts will remain healthy and fit.

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Natural Health – Natural Tip For Moldy Basements

I went downstairs to my finished basement last week – I hadn’t been down there in a while – and my face started to tingle. No, it wasn’t an emotional or a spiritual ‘tingle’, it was a sensation that I get when I’m in the presence of a toxin.

Now, you might think this is an odd happening, but if you know what it’s like to be energetically and environmentally sensitive, then you probably understand.

Like many other sensitives, I pick up “information” in my environment. You know, it’s that “vibrational” thing (and if you ‘don’t know’ then make sure you listen in on my show with Dr. Jim Oschman author of the Science of Energy Medicine). But this time it wasn’t only energetic, it was a physical, environmental sensation (although the two aren’t really separate). Not only did I know it was a toxin, I knew what it was – and that it was mold.

Some might not consider mold a toxin but when it’s overgrowing in my environment, to me it’s a toxin. I had a criticizing moment with myself for not keeping up with the de-humidifying process over the past two months, and after that, I had a conversation in my head that went something like this. . . .

“how ironic, or rather synchronistic, or better yet, fortunate, that I just interviewed Jacque and Dr. Ed Close about natural treatment for mold and I have my notes handy on their recommended protocol!” (of which I’m going to share a brief outline with you here.) I am always so excited to apply what I learn in theory, and here I had that opportunity.

After I got the dehumification back on track, I brought my essential oil diffusers downstairs. (I really went hog-wild here and brought down three diffusers – much more than I needed – just one diffuser would have been sufficient, but I had them at the house so I used them!)

I diffused the essential oil blend of Thieves for a little more than 24 hours (if you don’t know how to use a diffuser watch my video in the link below). The Close’s protocol says to diffuse for 24 to 72 hours.

I was so anxious to clean that I only diffused for the minimum of 24 hours. I got out my Thieves cleaner and wiped every and any surface down with the appropriate mixture of water and the Thieves cleaner. I then diffused again for 2 straight days. Now there were a few things I didn’t do on the protocol, like the testing. . . but my own personal test was sufficient as far as I was concerned!

Here is a quick overview of the protocol: (but if you want more thorough information you may want to buy the book: Nature’s Mold Rx: The Non-Toxic Solution to Toxic Mold”)

–Get sampling (Pre-test)
–Diffuse 24 – 72 hours
–Diffuse again
–Get a follow up sampling (Post-test)

You can also listen to the replay of my show where I interview Dr. and Jacque Close who are the experts in this work. I’ve got to tell you that there is great information in this interview – including what to do for mold in
the body! It’s worth listening to!

By the way. . . this treatment made a HUGE difference in my basement – it passed my post-test ~ no more tingle 🙂

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Diet Pills For Men

Today you’ll find that much of the weight loss market is geared to women. Women are often the ones out there looking for products to help them to lose weight. However, there are men that want to lose weight as well. If you are a man who needs to lose a few pounds and get back into shape, then you may be looking for diet pills for men. The great news is that there are special pills that are developed specifically for men that want to lose weight. Let’s take a closer look at men, their weight loss needs, and quality pills available for men today.

Don’t Go with Women’s Pills

First of all, you need to realize that your body is unique and women’s diet pills aren’t going to cut it. You already know that men and women are very different. Their bodies are entirely different than a man’s body, so the diet pills that are designed for women may not provide the best results for you. You don’t want to take pills that are designed for women because these pills are made to work with women’s bodies. Your body is different. There is a huge chance that you won’t be able to lose the weight you want to if you try using diet pills that are designed for women.

Men Have Special Needs for Weight Loss

It’s important that you understand that men have special needs when it comes to weight loss. Men have body fat that accumulates in different places than it does for women. Often men end up storing the fat around the middle. Men often deal with decreases in testosterone as well, which can have an effect on weight loss efforts. Because of the way the male body works, losing weight is different than it is for a woman. This means that men need special diet pills in order to effectively lose the weight they want to.

Lose Weight Faster with Good Diet Pills

Instead of trying out those pills for women, you’ll lose weight faster if you go with good diet pills for men. These pills will be designed to work with the male body and the specific needs that it has for weight loss. The good news is that though there are not as many options as there are for women, there are some top quality pills available that are made just for men who want to lose weight.

If you are a man that wants to lose weight, you are not alone. Many men are trying to take off the pounds but trying to do it with the wrong diet pills. Instead of using women’s pills, make sure you find the best diet pills for men out there today. Start taking them, eat a good diet, and exercise a bit, and soon you’ll see those pounds begin to drop away.

Weight Loss With Extreme Green Tea

If you are trying to loose weight, then you will want to do it in a healthy way. Many people turn to fad diets, or deprive themselves in order to lose weight. Many of these people will find that they don’t lose any weight, or that they lose the weight only to gain it back. When you are ready to lose your extra weight you will want to make sure that you do it in a way that will allow you to maintain or increase your health and in a way that will take the pounds off for good. Yo Yo dieting is not good for your health and it is not good fro your weight loss. You want to find something that works and keeps the weight off for good. This is where Extreme Green Tea comes in.

When you take Extreme Green Tea you will be giving your body a lot of health benefits that will help you to become a healthier person as you shed those extra pounds. Extreme Green Tea will help you to boost your metabolism, this is very important when you are trying to lose weight. Your metabolism is what helps you to burn calories and if your metabolism is slow then you will have to work much harder to burn calories. When you boost your metabolism you will have to work less to burn calories, this means that you will lose weight much faster.

Another great thing about taking Extreme Green Tea is that you will experience a boost to your energy level. This means that you will feel better throughout the day. You will also find it easier to exercise and take care of the things that you need to take care of. When you are trying to lose weight you will be surprised at how easier taking Extreme Green Tea can make your weight loss journey.

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Best Diet For Muscle Growth – The Best Build Muscle Diet Plan

Best Diet For Muscle Growth

Bodybuilding requires much more than an exercise program to succeed. You also need a good sound build muscle diet to ensure proper nutrition. Planning a good build muscle diet is not that difficult. It should be based upon eating the appropriate amount of high quality protein, in the form of food and shakes, and an appropriate amount of carbohydrates to supply the body with the energy needed to perform those exercises.

The Best Protein for a Build Muscle Diet

All protein provides nutrition required for muscle growth. As with any foods, there are some proteins that are better than others. According to experienced bodybuilders and trainers, the best foods for building muscle diets are skinless chicken breasts, egg whites, soy, and casein. Skinless chicken is a high-protein white meat that is low in saturated fat and high in amino acids. Egg whites are a great protein source without the cholesterol and fat that resides in the yolks. Best Diet For Muscle Growth

Whey, soy, and casein are usually found in the form of powdered supplements, which are great for mixing up healthful drinks and shakes that have proven to be of great benefit to building muscle. Soy is plant based protein, while casein is milk based. Whey is also a mild based protein that is easily absorbed into the muscles.

The Best Drinks for a Build Muscle Diet

Well made protein shakes are superior foods for a good building muscle diet. Shakes are easy to create and are so convenient for bodybuilders who are too busy to prepare and cook regular meals that are rich in protein. The best time to consume these protein shakes is in the morning before you start a workout, and again immediately after the workout. The best protein drinks are made up of an excellent balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

The Best Muscle Recovery Food for a Build Muscle Diet

Muscle recovery foods are meant to be consumed after a workout to repair the muscle that has been stressed during that workout. Exercise depletes muscles of glycogen and amino acids. It is important to restore the levels of these supplements in order to allow continued growth of the muscles. These muscle recovery foods are important staples for a good muscle building diet. They should be very high in protein and carbohydrates. Eating eggs, whole grains, chicken, and brown rice are perfect for muscle recovery. If you don’t have time to prepare whole foods, there are powdered supplements available to do the same job. Best Diet For Muscle Growth

Want to get fit and Gain Muscle?

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Exercise To Lose Weight Fast For Beginners

Before beginning any exercise to lose weight fast you should consult with your doctor and have a thorough checkup done especially if you are overweight or have been ill or have any type of heart problem or high blood pressure or other medical ailments. If you have not participated in any exercise program for a long period of time or recovering from an injury you need the green light from a professional first.

Should this be your first time doing exercise then you need to tread with caution as beginners should carry out their exercise program slowly and allow the body and muscles to become accustomed to the strain of physical exercise. Once your body has started adjusting then only should you begin increasing the intensity and duration of your exercise program. And should you experience any sort of pain or discomfort then stop and consult your trainer or doctor.

Make sure before you start off with your exercise to lose weight fast program that you have the right shoes and loose fitting clothing. The weather should be taken into consideration as well because if it too hot or cold physical exertion could be dangerous for you as a beginner.

When starting an exercise program you should heed cautious as you cannot go straight into the program before you have done warm ups and stretching exercises. You need to stretch your muscles slowly that helps prevent injury during an exercise program. You need to get your circulation going and increase your body temperature so spend at least five minutes on warm ups.
Once you are warmed up you can start the actual exercises and when starting do not over exert yourself the first few days. After a week or more you will be able to increase the intensity as well as the length of time. It is perfectly normal for your heart rate to increase and your breathing to become more rapid and deep and you should begin to sweat.

End off with a cooling down session by spending a couple of minutes just walking slowly which will allow the body temperature to cool down. You need to start your exercises off slowly and must also end your exercises slowly when you exercise to lose weight fast. If you continue with your routine exercises on a daily basis your will burn up calories, lose weight fast and feel like much healthier. Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat a well balanced diet.

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Weight Loss Diet for Men and Women

When it’s about weight loss dieting, there’s always a big difference when it comes to men and women. Literally speaking, almost all women have gone through the “dieting stage”. However, when it comes to men weight loss dieting is rarely found in their dictionary. Men and women have too much obvious difference when it comes to body structure and food needs. These differences are also present and noticeable when it comes to dieting. Many people think that since men have faster metabolism than women, dieting will not be an option for them. Motives for dieting differ if you’re a man or woman. Most men are more health conscious than women. It is the primary reason why they are forced or they want to go on a diet. Dieting and woman are best friends. Society believes there’s no woman who doesn’t undergo the dieting stage. Women are physical creatures; they are created to believe that they have to be physically attractive by nature. Originally, dieting is conceptualized for women, since women from before just stayed home to wait for their husband to come. There are no computers at that time, so their only recreation is television and eating other than household chores. Women ended up being overweight that’s why dieting concept has been introduced to the world. Today, weight loss diet tips for men and women share the same concept and only differ in some ways.

It is a fact that there are also obese men that needs to undergo weight loss dieting. The number of obese men is already catching up with the number of obese women and is almost the same. There are weight loss diet tips specifically designed for men and women. Some may not be appropriate for men, and some may not be appropriate with women. Believe it or not, the best strategy for men’s weight loss diet is a non-diet strategy at all. Men just need to adjust some little about what they eat and how much of it. Reducing their alcohol intake also helps too. Most men prefer to use technical equipments to their dieting. When men need a little effort to lose weight, women need the opposite. For women, a lot of dedication, commitment and hard work with an astounding amount of self discipline are needed to lose weight successfully. It’s not exaggeration, it’s just the truth. Women have slower metabolism than men. They need to commit a lot of their time and mind energy to be successful on dieting. Other than reducing their food intake, women need to exercise two times than men. Since women participate less in sweat-producing activities that burn calories, they need to double the effort in every step of dieting.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, dieting should be an option for you if you think you are gaining more weight than what is expected of you. There may be specific weight loss diet tips for men and women, but all in all, each of them will only lead to one goal and that is losing weight.

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How to Lose Weight Fast

In 2005 I was weighing 86 kegs and was overweight as per my height of 5’9″ and my tummy had grown bigger. At that time I was working with Corp India as a Sales Manager and my job required me to travel extensively and I was away from my family and home for almost 15 days in a month. The weight gain was due to lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits.

One day I was watching TV and while surfing different channels I came across a programme “Fitness with Yoga.” I saw the programme and I was naturally attracted by the different asanas and pranayam. I decided to do some yoga exercises and believe me that was a turning point in my life. Yoga gives fast results for some problems like respiratory disorders, stress, hypertension, anaemia, weight loss etc. I started loosing weight and I started getting compliments from my friends, relatives. I was overjoyed and this appreciations further strengthened my resolution to do yoga regularly. I was doing pranayams, asanas and some exercises for weight loss for about 1 hour daily with a weekly break on Sunday. Apart from Weight loss Yoga showers on you physical benefits like Flexibility, strength, pain prevention, better breathing and mental benefits like mental calmness, stress reduction… Of course needless to say getting someone to help who is actually doing Yoga is a boon!

Even with all these advantages I found it difficult to do Yoga on my official tours due to traveling late at night or early in the morning. Also On tours I had to order my food from restaurants. You can imagine my mental state I could not do what I loved and this is how I was drawn towards work from home opportunities. Now I am doing home based business not only for my financial health but also for my physical, mental health. Being an entrepreneur and working from home gives me enough time to do my Yoga regularly and eat a healthy diet. Now I do Yoga for more than 2 hours daily and needless to say I have lost all my excess weight and I am fit.

And speaking about home based business I would like to introduce an associate of mine who does successfully an online home based business to generate a multiple of 6 fig. Income